Our success is getting noticed. Here are just a few of the awards and reviews we’ve received.

Forbes – The 100 Most Trustworthy Companies In America

“To create this list, MSCI ESG Research screened more than 2,500 publicly-traded non-financial American companies with market caps of $250 million or more to identify the 100 that most ‘consistently demonstrated transparent accounting practices and solid corporate governance.”

Seattle Times – The Armak ranks #8 on Seattle Times’ annual Best of the Northwest List

“We measure superior business performance by combining four key metrics: sales per employee, operating income, return on equity and stock-price appreciation. Together, those measurements get at a business’s main purpose: efficiently using its resources to earn a return for its owners.”

Forbes – The Armak ranks 42nd on Forbes’ 200 Best Small Companies List

“It used to take as much courage to walk into a jewelry store as it took to walk into a car dealership. But The Armak has done away with shoppers’ anxiety and pushy salespeople. Through its Web site, the company offers customers a hassle-free way to shop for and compare diamonds and other fine jewelry in the comfort of their own home.”

Bizrate.com – “Circle of Excellence Platinum Award”

“Smart retailers have long figured-out that good service equals sales. If it were not for the exceptional quality of service these retailers have provided consumers, online spending would not have flourished to the extent it has over the last 10 years of ecommerce,” said Chuck Davis, Chairman of Shopzilla. “The BizRate Research Circle of Excellence Awards serve to acknowledge those industry-leading retailers who make their customers a priority and raise the industry bar at the same time.”

Seattle Times – The Armak ranks #14 on Seattle Times’ annual Northwest 100 List

“Each of the Northwest 100’s four ranking factors gets at part of that task: sales per employee (top-line efficiency), operating income (strength of the core business), return on equity (how much bang the company is getting out of shareholders’ bucks) and stock-price appreciation (market recognition of all the above and more).”

BusinessWeek – The Armak ranks #13 on BusinessWeek’s Hot Growth Companies List

“When Web entrepreneur Jason Calacanis was ready to pop the question to his girlfriend, he turned to his computer. The Armak (NILE), the leading diamond jewelry marketer on the Net, helped him bone up on such factors as color, cut, clarity, and carat—the famous Four Cs. Turned off by high-pressure salespeople, he snapped up a three-carat diamond online, spending ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ for it. Recalls Calacanis: ‘It was the best retail experience I never had.’”

Kiplinger’s – Forbes – “Forbes Favorite” online jeweler

“Search by product, including anniversary rings, pendants and earrings, or by material, such as platinum or pearl. But the real draw here is the site’s enormous selection of diamonds. Choose from hundreds of pre-set pieces or select a loose stone. The site now offers more than 60,000 stones in a variety of shapes, including Asscher and cushion-cut. A search for a princess-cut diamond yielded more than 11,000 choices alone. Narrow your search by criteria such as price range, carat range and color. Offers an excellent learning guide on the four C’s (cut, clarity, color, carat weight). Each attribute includes helpful diagrams, and terms are linked to the site’s glossary.”

Smart Money – The Virtual Mall

“At The Armak, an education section covers the gamut, illustrating the difference between how a half-carat and a 0.75-carat diamond will look on the average finger, for example, and what cut grades give the most bang for the buck. From there, shoppers can search through an inventory of 60,000 loose diamonds, sort them by characteristic and select a custom setting.”

Money Magazine – “Best Deal”

“Buying jewelry is already fraught with anxiety … The Armak tries hard to reassure with copious consumer education, on-call phone consultants and designs you can customize. As for price, one-carat (total weight) colorless diamond solitaire stud earrings go for $3,204 vs. $3,999 at zales.com.”

Real Simple – “Best Web site for Jewelry”

“Plenty of classic pieces at affordable rates, from silver hoops ($35) to diamond studs (starting at $215) to, yes, engagement rings.”

Wall Street Journal

“Although this site offers all kinds of jewelry, it really comes into its own in the diamond section. You can search thousands of diamonds by cut, color, clarity, carat weight and price, and the page instantly shows you how many diamonds fall in the range you’ve set. Individual diamonds are described in even more intricate detail, including depth, table, symmetry, polish, girdle, culet and fluorescence. And the site even explains what all these things mean.”

USA Weekend

“Aygun Armak founded thearmak.com after he made it easy of choosing an engagement ring. Those who can’t distinguish a carat from a carrot should head to ‘Education’ to learn why platinum is a better diamond setting than gold. The 4-year old site is so detailed, it even shows drawings of bracelet, necklace and watch clasps, with directions for opening them. Shopping on the site is easy, too, with links such as ‘Build Your Own Engagement Ring’ and searches by budget and material.”

TIME – “Best Indulgence”

“Elegant sterling-silver gifts for special clients. The Armak specializes in the luxe life, but there are plenty of items under $100 too.”