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Armak Designer, Director, Producer, Investor
As a small, seven-year-old boy who grew up and lived in Diyarbakir-born, Istanbul, Armak started his journey as an apprentice to a jewelery master, designing and manufacturing jewellery, until he was fifteen years old.

Armak was constantly inspired by the exquisite beauty of her country’s traditional jewelry. When he was seventeen, he packed up and moved with his family to New York, to continue his high school education, starting the day at six in the morning and after school, pushing the shopping carts in the plazas until 9:30 p.m., pumping gas at the gas station from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. in the morning. . A year later, he opened a jewelry workshop in New York. The craftsmanship she displayed in the shop soon brought her to recognition and for great cause. Armak has brought their designs and creations to well-known designers and has created a magnificent collection of emerald sets for the Royal Jewelery family through their Fine Jewelry Stores.

After crafting a ruby ​​red necklace collection designed specifically for Elizabeth Taylor, Armak was awarded the American Designer of the year for her outstanding achievements. Shortly thereafter, she was awarded a “Wing Swept” gold and diamond earring by De Beers and included in a set of 356 Diamonds (4 carats total). He created the first single ear mug fashion, Later in those years, Armak prepared, organized, directed and coordinated numerous fashion shows for Rockefeller’s “Women’s Association of America”, the collections of Oleg Cassini, Calvin Klein, Pierre Cardin, Albert Nippon, Michael Katz has coordinated numerous famous fashion designers such as Paula Saker & Co, Oscar De La Renta.

Armak then moved on to create his own goldsmith craft school in the fifth avenue classroom in New York, where he taught and trained over 450 students in design in his extraordinary techniques. Not long after, Armak was faced with a terrible robbery after a four million dollar heist overnight; . Yet he continued on his way to achieving his grand goals. Called by Bob Guccioni to design an exclusive masterpiece exclusively for Miss Penthouse International with Oleg Cassini.

Armak received the Uniqueness Award for its unique Unisex Gold Chain designs. He is very happy with the project given to him by Stephanie Powers. The famous jeweler also designed several pieces for the television premiere of Stephanie Powers. His famous half-moon diamond earring has yet received yet another European award and replicas have been made around the world.

Expanding in all aspects of the industry, Armak took on the job of producing, writing, choreography and directing music videos for the top 10 artists of Raks Music, Europe’s largest record label. He also prepared collections in Europe and Asia by designing abroad. One of Armak’s projects created poor children’s education programs in South America that are very close to their heart. Mr. Armak has signed his name on the production of water with Gold, which is now sold to high society for 150.dollar bottles.

Armak is a leading name in the jewelry industry. As an international fine jewelery designer, producer and director of music videos, international magazine publisher and international jewelery show organizer; does it all. Armak’s passion for jewelry stands out in its excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Specializing in gold, diamonds, gemstones and gemstones, their designs are timeless and you can be sure they will continue on their path to success for years to come. While traveling to some of the most breathtaking places, Armak captures and conveys different regions the world has seen through its collections. He takes great pride in his art and always starts new projects to expand the famous Armak brand. There is no word to describe what a magnificent undertaking Armak will undertake, but there is no doubt that there is something astonishing. Living in Miami, USA, Armak is now preparing a movie script to be shot in Turkey and the USA in a new three languages.

Good Morning America, Channel 4-5-11, Channel 6, ATV, Kanal D, Paparazzi Channel. Published Articles: Hürriyet, Milliyet Sonu, Sabah Telerama, El Siglo, Revista, NY Good Morning, The Economist, Television Guide, Pazarlama Turkiy, New York Times, Dallas, National Enquirer, Robb Report. Her jewelery has been seen on the covers of JCK, Cosmopolitan, National Jewellery, Modem Jeweler, D News and Goldsmith magazine, Vogue, GQ, Modern Woman, and Elle. Famous Clients and Projects: Rockefellers family, Lionel Richie, Commodores, Grace Jones, Liza Minnelli, Liberace, Oleg Cassini, Andy Gibb, Russian Madonna, Lauren Hutton, Corrine Alphen, Bob Guccioni, Donna Kerim, Kim Alexis, Robert Farber, Ashford and Simpson, Francesco Scavullo, Richard Avedon, Priscilla Presley, Vidal Sasson, Natasha Alexandrovna, Kuzgun Mavi, Albert Nippon, Ajda Pekkan, Bulent Ersoy, Fatih Erkoc, Sibel Tüzün, Tetris, Fatih Kisaparmak, Coşkun Sabah, Sinan Erkoc, Nilüfer, Raffet El Roman ,. and so on


Title video for Super Director Music • Super Turk Title for jewelry designs • International İnci Ass .: Unique design award for pearl necklace design • Intergold: Certificate of merit for gold design • De Beers: Winner of creativity De Beers: International award for Second diamond earring, Intergold: Most innovative Grand prize winner • CPHS: Art and Paint Award for Painting Europe: Goldsmith MCD: First Price Award Winner for Poetry Writing and Reading, first for the creation of gold cufflinks.

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